Dinner on the yacht

Dinner on the yacht

Enjoy an Exclusive Dinner on the Black Sea with Yacht Mamaia

Experience the luxury and sophistication of an unforgettable dinner on the clear waters of the Black Sea with our dinner service on the Yacht Mamaia. We invite you to enjoy a special culinary experience in an elegant and romantic setting.

Behind the Scenes of Spectacular Sunsets

Start the evening with an aperitif and a glass of champagne while admiring the spectacular colors of a sunset over the vast sea. With a panoramic view of the water and the sea breeze caressing your hair, you will feel the magic and romance of every moment.

Gourmet kitchen on board

Savor the delicacies prepared by our talented chefs, who will delight your senses with refined and innovative dishes. From fresh seafood and local specialties to decadent desserts, each course will be an unforgettable dining experience.

Intimate Atmosphere and Elegance

With the elegant decor and relaxing ambience of our yacht, you will be surrounded by luxury and sophistication as you enjoy dinner in the company of your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening or a special occasion to celebrate with friends, you’ll find everything you need to create memories to cherish.

Impeccable Service

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with a dining experience to match. From matching wine recommendations to impeccable service and attention to detail, we guarantee that every moment of the evening will be perfect.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a luxury dinner on the waters of the Black Sea with Yacht Mamaia. Contact us today to reserve your seat and start preparing for a memorable and elegant dining experience.